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Having a non-traditional work schedule definitely has it’s benefits but also means that you have to be more accountable for your own work and time management schedule. Thankfully, coworking spaces are perfect for increasing productivity as opposed to working from home.

In A Collaborative Environment

Unlike working from home, you are surrounded by other creatives who are working hard. In fact 68% of people said that they are able to focus more in a coworking space rather than a traditional office setting or working from home. Being able to brainstorm, gain new perspectives, and pull inspiration from others increase productivity tremendously and is a huge perk to being in a coworking space.

Separate Work Life From Home Life

Often when people are working from home their are many distractions that can affect productivity. Laundry, household chores, and family members or roommates can all have a negative impact on productivity. Shared work spaces allow the flexibility of not working in a traditional office without having to be stuck at home surrounded by distractions. The line between work life and personal life can become blurry when you are working from home. It can take longer to complete projects as well as be unable to keep track of work hours and personal hours causing people to work longer. In addition, people become more stressed in their homes and can’t find ways to relax after they end their work. Shared work spaces allow people to work out of a traditional office while still having structure to their day which increase productivity and doesn’t waste time or is as expensive as working in a cafe all day.

Distractions Are Eliminated

In the same vein, distractions are eliminated when you are in a shared work space. Feeding off the others working around you, you will feel motivated to also be working hard. Rather than being in front of the TV or getting texts to go out for lunch or run errands, you can easily dismiss them by already being out at your shared work space. Seeing others working around you will motivate you to also get things done and be productive.

Shared work spaces help increase employee productivity especially for companies who do not have a traditional work space. This gives people the opportunity to have a flexible work environment as well as be productive and not let work encroach on personal time.