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How Shared Work Spaces Save Money For The Individual

In our previous blog, we discussed ways that shared work spaces are saving small business and startups money by saving money on office spaces and supplies. However, for freelancers and self-employed, coworking spaces are saving them money as well. Even though you can work from home which seems like it would be free, getting a space at a shared workspace place like Bar Works can actually save the individual more money.

Saving Money On Meeting Spaces

As a freelancer or someone who is self-employed, working from home is an easy and seemingly free option. However, costs can add up when you don’t have an office to call your own. For example, your home is likely not close to a downtown business district or in the center of the city. So meeting clients or interviewing for jobs can cost a pretty penny in transportation, parking, and gas. In addition, you never know how traffic is going to be so getting to a meeting can feel rushed and have you overwhelmed if you are commuting from far away. For coworking spaces, you can save valuable time and money but not having to worry about transportation, timining, or getting a table somewhere. You can rent out the space for the whole day, know you are guaranteed a spot, and not feel rushed out of somewhere or rushed to get somewhere. In addition, spending money on client meetings whether they be lunches, dinners, or coffee, can add up, especially if you are doing a lot and really working to grow your business. Shared workspaces often offer free drinks, snacks, and office supplies so you don’t have to worry about all of the little things and just focus on your presentation or meeting instead keeping both you and the client happy while saving money.

Time is Money

For someone who is self-employed and only answers to themselves about working, time is money. You don’t want to be spending hours upon hours on a project that should only take one just because you are getting distracted because you don’t have a suitable environment to work in. Coworking spaces allow individuals to save money by saving time and helping them stay focused. Having the luxury to work at home is great but that also comes with many daily life distractions especially if you have a family, roommate, or even pets. In addition, your head might drift to other things about chores you should be getting done, etc. Shared work spaces allow a place to focus without having to worry about fighting for an outlet at a coffee shop or spending $5.00 on multiple lattes in order to keep your position if you are on a roll.

Shared work spaces present many individuals who are self employed the opportunity to rent an office without the hefty price tag and open up new opportunities and money making advantages.