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Finding office space takes time, money, and maintenance and is another thing to worry about on the very long list of to dos that a business owner or company manager already has. By investing in a shared workspace membership instead of a traditional office setting you can save precious time as well as money.

Business Savings

For a business that is growing, working out of a garage, someone’s house, or a coffee shop just isn’t going to cut it especially when you need to meet clients or host larger meetings. A business can cut their costs by not working about buying or leasing an office space, working with city codes, buying office furniture and supplies, finding parking spaces for employees, etc. etc. You can pick which coworking space is best for you based on location, size, and style. You no longer have to sacrifice size for good location or choose a cheaper office space not in a prime location.

A coworking space also saves you a big chunk of change on utilities and office supplies. Electricity, water, trash, and internet can cost a pretty penny when the bill comes around at the end of the month. In addition, you will have to provide office supplies like paper, pens, pencils, coffee, water, toilet paper, napkins, etc. which don’t sound like much but when you are buying for a big office it can certainly add up to hundreds and even thousands. Shared work spaces cover all of this for you and many memberships include office supplies as well as free coffee and snacks as well. Never having to worry about remembering to pay the bill or stressing about the cost will certainly take a weight of business owners shoulders and free up time for other projects rather than office management.

Client Meetings

Need to hold a meeting with a client? You no longer have to worry about finding a location to eat lunch at or paying for a pricey dinner. Coworking spaces have many meeting rooms as well as offer beverages, etc. to offer clients or partners during your meetings and you won’t have to worry about reservations or timings or if a place will be too loud.

A team office a barworks costs around 3,200 a month with dedicated private spaces, a mail box, meeting rooms, phone line, and even 24/7 access so you don’t have a set time limit. In addition, if you are a smaller business who just needs membership for part of the time they offer guest passes and full day passes for your employees who are not always in the office as well. This leads to tremendous savings for your company, stress of your back, and a better bottom line overall.